4th of July Quick Trip to Japan

12 Jul

I found a great deal on Orbitz last month for a round trip fare from Vancouver to Tokyo for ONLY $600 roundtrip for 4 days. Of course I took grabbed and went to visit all my lovely friends at Tsuda College. When I left Japan I never knew if I would come back but this second go round was amazing. I can’t wait to apply for the JET Program and Fullbright to go back for a year.10544347_10203737352501527_8067503774710365038_nmy “big sisters” and I. They helped me survive life in Japan!


Old pic but what would life be without purikura?10422201_10203737346941388_6002060245309978185_n



Somewhere random in Tokyo before going to see Ronin 47. Who knew that tickets would be $17 and no such thing as melted butter to add to my popcorn  😦10364118_10203737341341248_3078684375003088117_n


Moral of the story is be out on the look out for the deals and travel! I use the Flight Deal for most of my deals. Currently just booked a roundtrip from Houston to St. Lucia for $188. What a deal right? After that who knows where I will go but invite me to your home country or state! I’m always down for beaches, good food, new cultures, new languages, skiing or anything fun.


I’m a juice cleanse failure

13 Jun

Well I started with this grand idea to do a 5 day juice cleanse thanks to an awesome Living Social deal. In hindsight it would have made more sense to try and survive a one day cleanse but I was attempting to be bad ass. The first day I woke up late and started at around 11am and by 4pm I was starving and broke down to some chicken bean rice dinner. The second day I started on time but was unable to gag my way through the third green smoothie. I broke down and at leftover salad for dinner. The third day I attempted to try again and was off to great start. Then my energy level tanked and I was super cranky. A quick chicken salad cleared my mood right up. Today was the only “successful” day and I still feel awful. I’m thinking of all the pizza and burgers I could eat. Some serious mental torture! I’m also sweaty and a bit foggy brained.

All in all I will definitely appreciate a healthy balanced diet after this ordeal. Eating healthy will always beat straight juice for me. I love smoothies and will continue to eat those once a day since they have the fiber, veggies and fruits I need for the day all in one. I want to try to eat vegan a few days a week as well. Moral of the story for me is to make life changes and not quick fixes!

Stateside, Fellowships and more travel!

27 May

Well things didn’t go exactly as planned (do they ever?) and now I’m back stateside for the 6 weeks. After my last post in Dubai I returned to the US for what was supposed to be a week long trip but family problems and finances kept me here. Since I never planned on staying here all my stuff is still in Japan! Luckily I found an awesome deal for $600 r/t from vancouver to Tokyo and I will get to go back, say my goodbyes and get all my things. 

This summer I will be at Beloit College’s Center for Language Studies Program-Japanese. Starts in 3 weeks and is basically a super intensive 8 week long language camp. Middlebury was too expensive at the Monterey Institute cancelled their Japanese program so here I am. Luckily I get to take an extended break in Japan over the fourth of July (5 days!) to put my hopefully improved language skills to test. They also gave me a $1,000 scholarship even though I applied late so check their program out here at http://www.beloit.edu/cls/apply/

Next up on my travel list is Jamaica around the end of August. It will be a 4 day weekend type trip before I delve into applying for a bajillion things senior year. I need to narrow down my list to one country fora potential Fullbright opportunity. Right now its between

~Teaching in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Colombia or Bulgaria ~A masters degree in Mexico ~Research and Language studies in Japan

Basically teaching in either country would be extremely different than all that I’ve ever experienced, a masters degree would be useful and probably improve my Spanish 10 fold although I’d have to come back and get another degree in the States so more for experience and the program in Japan would hone in on my language skills and develop some research skills. What do you all think I should do? There is still is Princeton in Africa, MEXT scholarship, Pickering Fellowship and the Carnegie Fellowship that are definitely on the radar since nothing is promised to me!

Fun times in the United Arab Emirates with Insight Dubai

17 Apr














These are a few photos from the conference I attended last month in Dubai. It was an all women’s conference that focused on Sha’ria Law and human trafficking. Jam packed with activities all day long but I recommend you ladies give it a shot in 2015. It gives an honest insight into the Emirati culture and no they aren’t paying me to write this lol! 

On another note I will be posting my reasons for leaving Japan and future plans in an upcoming blog post.



India, Jairpur, Holi Festival, Crazy Dehli

20 Mar

This past week I travelled to India from Japan for the Holi Festival with Nomadness Tribe. There were 16 women on the trip and it was awe inspiring, eye opening and life changing for me.

The trip started with the hectic trip through Dehli airport where I popped a woman in the head while she was searching me. Awkward. We stayed in the Umaid Mahal hotel in Jaipur. I love that hotel and I can not wait to return. The food was amazing, staff were super helpful and it was centrally located. We got to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, ride camels in Pushkar, ride elephants at Amber Fort and celebrate Holi in Jaipur with the families of our drivers. Holi consist of decorating each other in lots of colors mainly celebrated by the Hindus in honor of Krishna.

Holi Festival

Image ImageAmber Fort in JaipurImagePushkar Desert

The staring was very intense but I did not mind it at all. I smiled and they almost always smiled back. It was very friendly and quite different then the blank stares I get in Tokyo. Everyone seemed very curious and being that there weren’t many Blacks around I could see why. The energy and happiness of the kids was also something to note and I pray that I’m blessed with children as vibrant and happy as the ones I’ve met in India.

Currently I am in Dehli, next stop is Dubai for Insight Dubai Women’s conference then back to Japan until August. I will update soon about all the advice I received because it is just too amazing not to share! Hope you enjoy the photos!

I once thought feeding my husband different brands of cereal would suffice

21 Jan

Prior to arriving to Japan I had never cooked beyond making the occasional pancakes or whipping up the burnt steak and potatoes right before a break up lol but hunger has led me to try new things. I really don’t like the food here in Tokyo. Overall it’s not seasoned and very bland (Nagoya doesn’t count as their food was おいしかったです) It all started with making the group of international students pancakes. The feeling of others liking my food was amazing so of course I then tried pancakes with chocolate chips or strawberries. From there it led me making things like chicken, baked potatoes, salmon pasta, roasted apples with dip, cookies from scratch, hamburgers (failure) and so on. I love to cook! I need a large kitchen with lots of supplies such as a blender or mixer. Let’s just say I plan to be an awesome cook and my future family will be very well fed 🙂

Finals week frenzy Japan style

15 Jan

Well I’m back from the good ol’ USA and ready to crack down for finals. Yesterday I had to turn in my kanji book about fashion which was super simple. Tomorrow I have final for Japanese Society and a final paper due for my Japanese topics class that has to be partially in Japanese. Friday I have a report due on a 10 page book read, don’t judge me lol! Next week I only have like 4 classes but I work 50 hours for a family visiting Japan. The following and final week of classes I have a 2 presentations, 1 book report and 3 final test. I promise I will never complain when I get back to Spelman for taking 5 classes (20 credits)!

One of the joys of studying in Japan is this 8 week spring break I’m about to have. I plan on taking an intensive Japanese course in Shibuya with ARC for the month of february, a women’s conference in Dubai, hopefully trips to India and Thailand in March. I also plan on working since as many of you know I’m trying to rid myself of student debt.

I will try to update you all more since I surely hated when following a blog and they just fall off the blogwagon. 1604595_10202495859424976_1701251725_n yes for the MAC lipstick

My first sumo match ever 1534364_10152162764851800_556445440_n

First family picture in many, many years1513245_10202403494235904_1505684149_n