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No one warned me about waxing in Japan

1 Dec

Things are finally looking up for Japan. I have to admit I had a bad case of culture shock that probably went on for a few weeks. It is possible during that time that I may have warned everyone never to come to Japan but I promise it’s not an awful place. It does take some getting used to. I’ll recap a few things that have happened over the past few weeks.

Waxing in Japan

Over the past few weeks I had been searching for a wax salon here in Tokyo. My first choice was in Shibuya but had no available appointments and cost $63 and the other salon never returned my calls. I ended up settling for the Waxing Bee salon in Ginza. I decided to get a brazilian while I was there which I shouldn’t have done. The salon lady was meticulous. She waxed my eyebrows maybe 5 times each and did not have to use a tweezer or razor. It was less painful and I’m sure it will last longer. The brazilian. Oh the brazilian (hair waxed from front to back). When she asked  should she remove all the hair I of course answered yes (no landing strip for me lol). Wrong answer. She waxed with strips and then tweezed every single hair she missed EVERYWHERE (butt too!). Talk about a near death experience! In atlanta I got to Andreia’s and they pour warm wax and then rip the wax off. It is done in 5 batches compared to the 20 I experiences at the salon here. It also takes about half the time but let’s just say I learned my lesson. Long live the hair!!

I met a few new friends outside of campus from Jamaica and the Caribbean and I have to say my life is improving because of it. No more staying in the house watching reruns of SVU. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party, spoken word, Jamaican style party with a group known as Cornbread and various dinners and so on. It has been great and I was shocked to find out there are so many Blacks living in Japan doing big things!1460197_10153486099275526_1050541796_n1398523_10151816951247602_1415659373_ocheck out Dave’s blog about being Jamaican living in Japan at


Shea moisture

24 Jul

Today I used Shea moisture thickening cream and I must say it definitely works! Building my products up for Japan. I leave in less than a month as of today.


Trimmed the fro!

24 Jul

Well the straight pieces were getting on my nerves so I had her cut 3 inches off. Its been about 6 months of no heat! Still at a loss for what I’m going to do with my hair in Japan!



Big hair day today!

28 Jun


Chocolate, Churros and reactions to my Afro in Spain

4 Jun

So I decided to wear my Afro out today and boy were the Spanish people amazed. I’m walking to Casa Aronda, the best chocolate churro place in the world, and I start to notice the stares. Not those kind of stares where they glance over at you but full on stop the car, spin around twice, honking, retrace their steps stares.One old man stared for about 20 minutes and asked where was my face. I peaked out and said “here I am” all in Spanish of course. All I can say is I hope they’re getting used to it because us Black girls are global!




Japanese “Black” Culture

4 May

Japanese “Black” Culture

Well maybe in Japan I will fit in with them loll! Probably not Black enough…