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India, Jairpur, Holi Festival, Crazy Dehli

20 Mar

This past week I travelled to India from Japan for the Holi Festival with Nomadness Tribe. There were 16 women on the trip and it was awe inspiring, eye opening and life changing for me.

The trip started with the hectic trip through Dehli airport where I popped a woman in the head while she was searching me. Awkward. We stayed in the Umaid Mahal hotel in Jaipur. I love that hotel and I can not wait to return. The food was amazing, staff were super helpful and it was centrally located. We got to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, ride camels in Pushkar, ride elephants at Amber Fort and celebrate Holi in Jaipur with the families of our drivers. Holi consist of decorating each other in lots of colors mainly celebrated by the Hindus in honor of Krishna.

Holi Festival

Image ImageAmber Fort in JaipurImagePushkar Desert

The staring was very intense but I did not mind it at all. I smiled and they almost always smiled back. It was very friendly and quite different then the blank stares I get in Tokyo. Everyone seemed very curious and being that there weren’t many Blacks around I could see why. The energy and happiness of the kids was also something to note and I pray that I’m blessed with children as vibrant and happy as the ones I’ve met in India.

Currently I am in Dehli, next stop is Dubai for Insight Dubai Women’s conference then back to Japan until August. I will update soon about all the advice I received because it is just too amazing not to share! Hope you enjoy the photos!