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I once thought feeding my husband different brands of cereal would suffice

21 Jan

Prior to arriving to Japan I had never cooked beyond making the occasional pancakes or whipping up the burnt steak and potatoes right before a break up lol but hunger has led me to try new things. I really don’t like the food here in Tokyo. Overall it’s not seasoned and very bland (Nagoya doesn’t count as their food was おいしかったです) It all started with making the group of international students pancakes. The feeling of others liking my food was amazing so of course I then tried pancakes with chocolate chips or strawberries. From there it led me making things like chicken, baked potatoes, salmon pasta, roasted apples with dip, cookies from scratch, hamburgers (failure) and so on. I love to cook! I need a large kitchen with lots of supplies such as a blender or mixer. Let’s just say I plan to be an awesome cook and my future family will be very well fed 🙂


Finals week frenzy Japan style

15 Jan

Well I’m back from the good ol’ USA and ready to crack down for finals. Yesterday I had to turn in my kanji book about fashion which was super simple. Tomorrow I have final for Japanese Society and a final paper due for my Japanese topics class that has to be partially in Japanese. Friday I have a report due on a 10 page book read, don’t judge me lol! Next week I only have like 4 classes but I work 50 hours for a family visiting Japan. The following and final week of classes I have a 2 presentations, 1 book report and 3 final test. I promise I will never complain when I get back to Spelman for taking 5 classes (20 credits)!

One of the joys of studying in Japan is this 8 week spring break I’m about to have. I plan on taking an intensive Japanese course in Shibuya with ARC for the month of february, a women’s conference in Dubai, hopefully trips to India and Thailand in March. I also plan on working since as many of you know I’m trying to rid myself of student debt.

I will try to update you all more since I surely hated when following a blog and they just fall off the blogwagon. 1604595_10202495859424976_1701251725_n yes for the MAC lipstick

My first sumo match ever 1534364_10152162764851800_556445440_n

First family picture in many, many years1513245_10202403494235904_1505684149_n