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I’m a juice cleanse failure

13 Jun

Well I started with this grand idea to do a 5 day juice cleanse thanks to an awesome Living Social deal. In hindsight it would have made more sense to try and survive a one day cleanse but I was attempting to be bad ass. The first day I woke up late and started at around 11am and by 4pm I was starving and broke down to some chicken bean rice dinner. The second day I started on time but was unable to gag my way through the third green smoothie. I broke down and at leftover salad for dinner. The third day I attempted to try again and was off to great start. Then my energy level tanked and I was super cranky. A quick chicken salad cleared my mood right up. Today was the only “successful” day and I still feel awful. I’m thinking of all the pizza and burgers I could eat. Some serious mental torture! I’m also sweaty and a bit foggy brained.

All in all I will definitely appreciate a healthy balanced diet after this ordeal. Eating healthy will always beat straight juice for me. I love smoothies and will continue to eat those once a day since they have the fiber, veggies and fruits I need for the day all in one. I want to try to eat vegan a few days a week as well. Moral of the story for me is to make life changes and not quick fixes!


Japanese shaved ice and other delicious things

25 Jul

I babysit for an amazing Japanese family that introduces me to their culture and is also teaching me how to cook. Anyone that knows me knows that I can burn water so I’m pleasantly surprised with my skills.




The lows of my Spain trip

20 May

So today I will talk about a few of my low points in Malaga, Spain. Now generally I don’t complain but I believe people love to talk about the positives and not the negatives in regards to study abroad. My list is of course based on my own personal experience in Malaga this far and doesn’t mean that I’m not having fun. After all, I did come here to improve my Spanish.

I don’t prefer the Spanish way of dining. For breakfast we get bread and marmalade, a gigantic lunch and maybe puréed soup or croquettes for dinner. I love the big lunches but those two pieces of toast followed by 3 hours of class don’t cut it. I have however, been surviving on chocolate and churros from Casa Aronda. Delicious!

The night life here is definitely not for me. Rock and pop are a big part of this culture and there isn’t too much diversity (music) on the club scene thus far. I love to dance to many different types of music but those two I simply cannot move to. I do love the laid back bar scene and free chupitos (shots).

The amount of tourist and people that speak English is pretty large. Generally, people tend to speak to me in Spanish but if I appear to even slightly struggle they switch to English. Plus I meet English tourist daily throughout the city. Luckily for me my host mom speaks only Spanish so I can practice with her in between commercials and during lunch.

The staring can definitely get old. Not a lot of Black people here so I understand their curiosity. It’s still awkward and uncomfortable. Not only do the Spanish people stare but the random Asian tour groups do too! My only recent travel was to the Dominican Republic and people looked like me so no problems. I suppose this is preparing for me a year abroad in Japan where I will be an ink spot on a piece of paper 😉.

That’s about it. I’m sure my experience will be different in each city I visit as I have yet to see all Spain has to offer! Madrid, Barcelona and Granada are all on the list. I leave you with a few pics
from my trip so far.