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I’m a juice cleanse failure

13 Jun

Well I started with this grand idea to do a 5 day juice cleanse thanks to an awesome Living Social deal. In hindsight it would have made more sense to try and survive a one day cleanse but I was attempting to be bad ass. The first day I woke up late and started at around 11am and by 4pm I was starving and broke down to some chicken bean rice dinner. The second day I started on time but was unable to gag my way through the third green smoothie. I broke down and at leftover salad for dinner. The third day I attempted to try again and was off to great start. Then my energy level tanked and I was super cranky. A quick chicken salad cleared my mood right up. Today was the only “successful” day and I still feel awful. I’m thinking of all the pizza and burgers I could eat. Some serious mental torture! I’m also sweaty and a bit foggy brained.

All in all I will definitely appreciate a healthy balanced diet after this ordeal. Eating healthy will always beat straight juice for me. I love smoothies and will continue to eat those once a day since they have the fiber, veggies and fruits I need for the day all in one. I want to try to eat vegan a few days a week as well. Moral of the story for me is to make life changes and not quick fixes!