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Homesick already?

25 Aug

Well Im here in Okazaki, Japan right now it. It’s a small town and there isn’t much to do.  I’m also the “newbie” so I haven’t made many friends yet. I miss my friends and family at home but I suppose I need to get used to not seeing them for the next year. It’s strange seeing all my friends at Spelman starting classes and preparing for the classic while I’m thousands of miles away attempting not to burn my dinner since I can’t read the recipe in Japanese. It’s also strange seeing my ex move on and do fun things with all my unresolved questions but I guess the motto to sum it all up would be, life goes on.

So…Today I will take myself out to dinner, crash on someone’s karaoke party and study study study so I can communicate with everyone here. Wish me luck!


I’ve arrived in Japan

22 Aug

After an agonizing 24 hours of travel, some delicious meals on ANA and wondering around Tokyo airport and an hour bus ride from Nagoya airport, I finally made it to Okazaki. It is very quiet and the weather is hot and humid. I’m studying in Okazaki at the Yamasa Institute for 3 weeks before heading to Tsuda College right outside of Tokyo (Kodaira-shi).

Some things I’ve observed about Japan in my first 24 hours: People are very polite, I never know when to bow because it seems people bow all the time, the toilets are pretty high tech, my Japanese is awful and I have this sudden urge to communicate in Spanish and everything seems to start on time. 

This past year of studying Japanese seems to have done nothing for me. When people talk to me, I generally nod yes of say “hai”. Hopefully this will improve over the course of the next year and my being forced to actually speak Japanese. There are many people here from China, France and South Korea thus forcing me to communicated in the only language we all remotely know. 


A collage of a few of my travels

16 Aug