Archive | July, 2013

Japanese shaved ice and other delicious things

25 Jul

I babysit for an amazing Japanese family that introduces me to their culture and is also teaching me how to cook. Anyone that knows me knows that I can burn water so I’m pleasantly surprised with my skills.





Nervous prepping for Japan!

25 Jul

So today I brought my ticket to Japan and I’m going to pick up my visa from the consulate. It’s all becoming so real that I won’t be home for a year! I have been studying like crazy but I know I will be very far behind the other exchange students as far as Japanese speaking ability is concerned. I’m headed to Japan early to attend a 3 week course at Yamasa Institute in Okazaki! It will be about 60 hours of intensive learning. Still have no idea how I can get from Okazaki to Tokyo so if any of you know please share the details!

Shea moisture

24 Jul

Today I used Shea moisture thickening cream and I must say it definitely works! Building my products up for Japan. I leave in less than a month as of today.


Trimmed the fro!

24 Jul

Well the straight pieces were getting on my nerves so I had her cut 3 inches off. Its been about 6 months of no heat! Still at a loss for what I’m going to do with my hair in Japan!