4th of July Quick Trip to Japan

12 Jul

I found a great deal on Orbitz last month for a round trip fare from Vancouver to Tokyo for ONLY $600 roundtrip for 4 days. Of course I took grabbed and went to visit all my lovely friends at Tsuda College. When I left Japan I never knew if I would come back but this second go round was amazing. I can’t wait to apply for the JET Program and Fullbright to go back for a year.10544347_10203737352501527_8067503774710365038_nmy “big sisters” and I. They helped me survive life in Japan!


Old pic but what would life be without purikura?10422201_10203737346941388_6002060245309978185_n



Somewhere random in Tokyo before going to see Ronin 47. Who knew that tickets would be $17 and no such thing as melted butter to add to my popcorn  😦10364118_10203737341341248_3078684375003088117_n


Moral of the story is be out on the look out for the deals and travel! I use the Flight Deal for most of my deals. Currently just booked a roundtrip from Houston to St. Lucia for $188. What a deal right? After that who knows where I will go but invite me to your home country or state! I’m always down for beaches, good food, new cultures, new languages, skiing or anything fun.


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