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I once thought feeding my husband different brands of cereal would suffice

21 Jan

Prior to arriving to Japan I had never cooked beyond making the occasional pancakes or whipping up the burnt steak and potatoes right before a break up lol but hunger has led me to try new things. I really don’t like the food here in Tokyo. Overall it’s not seasoned and very bland (Nagoya doesn’t count as their food was おいしかったです) It all started with making the group of international students pancakes. The feeling of others liking my food was amazing so of course I then tried pancakes with chocolate chips or strawberries. From there it led me making things like chicken, baked potatoes, salmon pasta, roasted apples with dip, cookies from scratch, hamburgers (failure) and so on. I love to cook! I need a large kitchen with lots of supplies such as a blender or mixer. Let’s just say I plan to be an awesome cook and my future family will be very well fed 🙂


Japanese shaved ice and other delicious things

25 Jul

I babysit for an amazing Japanese family that introduces me to their culture and is also teaching me how to cook. Anyone that knows me knows that I can burn water so I’m pleasantly surprised with my skills.