Off to a rough beginning at my new college in Japan

14 Sep

Yesterday I arrived to Tsuda College which is about 40 minutes from Tokyo but trust me, it was not easy. I arrived at Nagoya airport about 2 hours early thankfully and paid $40 for my 75lb suitcase which if you’re from America, you know is a pretty good deal. That took about 1 hour since I guess no one travels with overweight luggage so they weren’t sure what to do.

Once I arrived in Tokyo I was greeted by my 2 “big sisters” which are basically part of the foreign student exchange friendship group or something like that. I felt like death dragging my two heavy suitcases through rush hour in Tokyo, 4 transfers and 3 hours later to Kodaira, where the school is located. With my broken Japanese I tried to tell them I’d like to take the express route but obviously that was lost in translation.

After we arrived we were able to get some delicious Indian curry near the station and another 20 minute walk to the dorms. I shed a few silent tears as I was sure my arms were somehow dislocated (I know I’m dramatic). Lugging it up 2 flights of stairs I arrived to the room a hot sweaty mess only to find out that my airconditioner didn’t work and I needed a chord for internet. Needless to say I bawled my eyes and finally dragged myself into the showers. The showers are very different. You go in, get naked, step behind a curtain and sit on a 6 inch basket type chair near the ground and wash yourself. There is also a onsen type tub that you can get into AFTER you shower. It was only a little strange to see everyone talking and having conversations while completely naked only a few feet away from each other. I got in and out as quickly as possible!

Things are looking brighter today. Although I had to walk around for a few hours in attempt to find an ATM to get money out of I was able to buy the cord for internet and food for groceries.  I’ve met a few of my neighbors and even had a few broken conversations in Japanese although the consist of me saying “hai” or “unnnn” since I don’t know what exactly is being said lol.


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