Adjusting to Japan/Adventures around Okazaki

8 Sep

It’s going on my third week here at Yamasa Institute and things are going a lot better than they were the first few days. I’ve made friends from Singapore, Israel, Taiwan and America and I’ve even gotten to see a few sights around Okazaki.

Classes have been very intense and I’ve learned so much these past 3 weeks. I have Japanese classes Monday-Thursday from 9am-2:30 and fridays until 11am. I’m in the SILAC program so it’s short term and focuses a lot on conversation. Next week I’ll be moving into my dorm at Tsuda College and the week after is orientation! I’m super excited and although I don’t feel in the least bit prepared, I know everything will work out eventually.

So far the hardest adjustments have been the food and the weather. I have to make my own breakfast and dinner and it’s hard to choose healthy options. On top of that, I can’t read all the Kanji on the packages so my food may be overcooked or undercooked. I’ve been living off sandwiches, bento boxes and an udan noodle shop. It’s also really humid here and the sun is relentless. I can’t wait until October when it cools down a bit. People seem to be relatively fascinated with me and stare a lot (especially kids and old people). The fact that I’m Black and have poofy hair probably has something to do with that lol

Below are a few pictures from Magome, Tsumago, Takeshima Island and Lagunasia (Ghibli Museum)




One Response to “Adjusting to Japan/Adventures around Okazaki”

  1. Rob November 1, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    Spirited Away… The girl and the masked, black-robed ghost in the second pic are from that anime movie.

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