Time to say goodbye to Spain

9 Jun

Today I said my somber goodbyes to my host mom. It’s been an interesting 4 weeks with her. She is the mother of 4 children, all adults now, and she hosts students throughout the year. She is an amazing cook and lunches were always filling. Dinner ranged from croquettes to egg and potato omelets and was small as Spanish dinners usually are.

We had a few miscommunications along the way. She’d often tell us to go to bed around 11 or 12pm which was next to impossible with the long ciestas we took after lunch. This is probably in part because utilities are very expensive in Spain. A couple of times we hid food that we didn’t like (croquettes!). It was hard to tell her we didn’t like something since its considered disrespectful and of course there’s the fact that she already cooked it.

All in all I’d recommend staying with a host family if you plan on traveling for a while. They were the key to me being able to practice Spanish. I can’t wait to return to sunny Malaga sometime in the next 2 years. Paella, a delicious Spanish dish) is already calling my name.


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