Bargaining, camels & racism in Morocco

3 Jun

This weekend 5 other girls and I decided to travel to Morocco. It was fun, crazy, scary and a whirlwind all wrapped up into 2 days. Morocco requires a sense of humor, a smile, strong bargaining skills and a sense of awareness at all times. I’ll give you all a recap of our weekend and some advice if you plan in traveling there (based on my own personal experience in Tangier)

We are currently studying in Malaga, Spain and decided to go for 2 days as we heard the day trip was rushed an pointless. We chose Sol Chasers as our travel agency. We arrived to Tarifa and took the ferry to Tanger. Upon exiting the ferry a short man dressed in traditional clothes who took one look, asked were we the group of 5 and told him to come with him. He then asked what hotel we were at and that’s when I figured out that he was NOT our guide. Then we met Mohammed who had a sign with my name on it and he asked for the voucher. Guess who knew nothing about a voucher? Me. So with that he begins to speak as if we don’t speak English, walks away and tells the other guide, Fatima, to deal with us. Luckily that all gets straightened out.

Then begins the “tour” of Tangier which basically consist of her taking us to her friends or family where she makes a commission if we buy things. I did get to ride a unhealthy looking camel, a full display of spices and rugs and a Moroccan lunch that was absolutely delicious.

Thus began the game of bargaining as we head to the Medina. I had read that you take their price and divide it by 4. It took a lot of haggling, walking away, coming back, smiles, frowns and laughter to get the vases and blankets I wanted. It’s difficult to shop when in between the real shops, large groups of street vendor men approach you/overwhelm you with their trinkets. Talk about exhausting! While haggling for blankets I was told I would make a great wife for this Berber man’s son. He said he his son would keep me “very happy” 😵😱

That night we head to the beach where there are lots of clubs. We somehow end up in a club that’s playing 90’s rnb and hip hop such as Tupac, SWV, Will Smith and Notorious. That was strange to say the least.

In the morning we made a decision to head to the Medina without a guide. Once the taxi dropped us off a man approached us and began to give us a tour. I told him no multiple times as I knew he would be expecting money afterward and that’s when things get crazy. He called us black slaves, whores, sluts and hookers in public 😳. We hurried away but he followed us and told us he’ll be waiting for us mfers. Needless to say we power walked into some market and never saw him again. Scary!

Overall I had a great time minus the aggressive cat calling men. I recommend traveling with a man and maybe wearing something over your head to avoid looking like a tourist (this of course won’t help if you’re super pasty, brown or in a large group with visors and cameras lol) and to prevent the heat from burning your head. I plan to travel back to Morocco but maybe to Fez or Rabat and with my boyfriend or future husband 🙂




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