Officially a Gilman scholar!

29 May

Well I received some great news yesterday that I won a $5,000 Gilman scholarship. This is in addition to the Boren scholarship, Cigna NFBPA and the Spelman study abroad scholarship. It’s looking like tuition may be paid in full for next year!

I strongly recommend everyone study abroad. There is money out there and you just have to find it and apply. I also think that people should go somewhere adventurous (outside of Western Europe). Two of the scholarships I won preferred students who were not going there. That’s not to stay if you’ve dreamed of studying in London or Paris that you shouldn’t go but, if money is your concern you might want to look at another location and travel there on a break. The Boren scholarship (up to $20,000) does not allow for the money to be used for programs in Western Europe or for Spanish based programs (unless you’re a stem major).

If your like me and maybe your school doesn’t offer a specific language or maybe they do offer it but it isn’t a good program, consider summer and evening study. There are places like Japan Society of America, the French Alliance, Language Institutes and even some colleges that offer evening personal enhancement classes for no credit. I originally was going to go to the University of Mn this summer for a 12 credit Japanese class, but I found a way cheaper program in Japan. I’ll be headed to Japan 5 weeks early to start an intensive class. The UofMn’s credits wouldn’t have counted anyways since I already took 101 and 102 but the 160 contact hours seemed great at the time. But with the Japan program costing about $2,000 including housing compared to the U of Mn’s $5,500 with no housing, the choice wasn’t too hard to make!



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