Mobbed by the Chinese

18 May

So today we were touring the lovely city of Rhonda in Spain. It is located in the mountains about an hour away from Malaga. It is also home to the the first bull fighting ring! Being a large group of Black people, we often attract attention in Spain (there aren’t many of us here). We were looking at a beautiful view when suddenly we were approached by a group of Chinese tourist. They were taking pictures of us! We went ahead and agreed to take pictures with maybe 15 Chinese people and even as we were trying to leave they had lines of people grabbing us to take pictures.

It was definitely the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Here we are in Spain with a beautiful view of a historic city, yet we are the main attraction. It was strange but in an attempt to understand what happened, I’m going to assume they’ve never saw Black people before. I suppose this is preparing me for my travels around Asia in the upcoming months. Well I’ve attached a picture of the view they were supposed to be looking at 😉



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