Prepping for study abroad

17 May

I finally finished up some of my Boren scholarship requirements including booking a flight for convocation! The only sad part is that I will be missing the first 2 days of class. Luckily it’s beginning Japanese at the university of Minnesota and I’ve already taken a little bit of Japanese so I shouldn’t be too far behind. I definitely have the best friend because I couldn’t have finished any of these things without him. He had to scan and email all the forms due to the fact that I couldn’t find a public printer in my school building in Spain.

I also sent in my request to Boren asking for an additional $10,000 so hopefully that goes well. I hear back from Gilman and the Bridging scholarship this month! I’m super excited and I could really use that additional money. I have to buy my plane ticket to Japan in 2 months. Part
of the Boren requirements are that it must be a US airline. Well guess who’s really got some great deals? Everyone but the US airlines. I plan to go to California by greyhound and fly from there but I know it won’t be cheap.

A few questions for some of you world
travelers. Has anyone traveled abroad for more than six months and if so what did you pack? I will be in Japan for all of its seasons and I can only bring two suitcases šŸ˜“. Did you get your phone unlocked? And finally has anyone studied at Tsuda College in Tokyo? How is it for foreigners/exchange students?


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