Spanish in Japanese

4 May

Today I was given a strict warning that when I get to Japan I will need to sign up for Spanish class. Why? Well I originally was supposed to go to the Dominican Republic for 1 semester and Japan the following semester. I then received a scholarship and chose to go to Japan for a year. now my professors are worried I will forget Spanish if I don’t continue it while abroad. Now this is where the dilemma comes in. I speak Spanish to a near fluent level and Japanese at a beginner level. I have no idea how it feasible it is for me to learn/study one language in another language 
I don’t understand. I’m studying in Spain right before I go to Japan so my plan was to just Rosetta Stone it for a while. Guess I will hope for the best!

Meanwhile my sister finally decided to go to college thankfully. Of course I want her to be successful, educated and all that but I also need her to be enrolled so we can get the pell grant. (need the Pell grant to even be eligible for the Gilman).The struggle is real and I’m determined not to sign over my first born child to the govt or Sallie Mae. She is super smart but also lazy. She scrapes by with a 2.0 so I’m hopeful that she’ll do much better in college.


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